The Canadian Pizza Grilled Cheese


2 Slices of Bread (I used Focaccia)


1-2 Tbsp. Pizza Sauce

2-4 Slices of Mozzarella Cheese

2 Slices of Bacon

2-3 Mushrooms (sliced)

1-2 Slices of Pepperoni

Pinch of Oregano




Start off heating a pan to medium heat, and cooking your bacon until desired crispness, then sauté your mushrooms in the same pan on medium heat with some butter (or bacon grease) until soft (about 10 minutes). When your mushrooms and bacon are finished, spoon about a tablespoon of pizza sauce on each slice of bread, place your mozzarella on each slice, your bacon on the bottom, then the mushrooms, a sprinkle of oregano, one or two slices of pepperoni (your preference) and top with the other slice. Butter each side and grill in the pan on medium heat until golden brown on each side! Ogle the mozzarella melting everywhere and dig in and enjoy!