Juicer Extractor

Juicer Extractor


Start the healthy practice of juicing your whole food at home with a help from ARSHIA Juicer Extractor. It features 2 speed controls fit for both soft and hard fruits and vegetables. Waste no time in pre-cutting for it has XL feeding tube. Its detachable parts are very user friendly and easy cleaning. Its body, filter, and blades are made of stainless steel that is proven durable and rust-proof. ARSHIA Juicer Extractor functions in a 800 watt motor with overheat protector to guarantee safety. Let ARSHIA Juice Extractor take care of your freshly prepared, all natural daily serving of juice. 

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Technical Specification

-800Watts Powerful motor

-2 speeds for soft or hard fruit and vegetables

-No pre-cutting needed thanks to XL feeding tube

-Unique detachable parts for easy operating and cleaning

-Stainless Steel housing, filter and Blade assembly

-Overheat protector on powerful motor

-LED switch for easy use

-Large pulp container

-All pulp collected in one place for easy disposal