ARSHIA Baby Food Processor 7 in 1 is a quick solution for busy moms and adults. Having power 600 W it quickly defrosts, steams, blends, chops food for another fresh and full of nutrition portion every time you need one. No leftovers, always fresh portion. 7 functions solve a variety of baby food cooking, and suitable for all kinds of vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken, and fish. The sharp blades chopping food softly with no particles. Large capacity fits most milk bottles. Simply adding water to the tank and press the button is good to go, 3~4 min to heat milk to 104°F, the unit will auto power off after the whole process.

The digital display and intuitive buttons helps you select a function at easy. Non-slip pads ensuring the machine stays in place. The detachable cutter head is convenient to clean, with no impurities left. Also, its wide lid of the water tank is handy for watering, visual control, and cleaning. Made of food-grade plastics and stainless steel, delivering high-temperature resistance, self-locking switch, safety, and reliability.

Your baby will always have fresh and healthy yummy portion every time you need and  in no time.

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– Inner parts are made of the finest Stainless Steel Food Grade quality, highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

-Blending jar has a decent capacity of 300 ml, the steaming basket has 150 ml, and the warming, sterilizing section has 100 ml capacity.

-Small yet powerful Baby Food Processor has 600 W power for steaming to make it super fast, and 150 W power for blending ingredients into fresh puree.

– 7 preset functions, include: Steaming, Blending, Chopping, Defrosting, Reheating, Bottle Warming and Sterilizing. Everything you might need on hand, for busy moms. Temperature indicator allows you to decide either you are defrosting or sterilizing or warming up

– Consist of Section for Sterilizing, Reheating, Defrosting Steam Basket Blending & Chopping Jar