8PCS Eco Friendly German Knife Set

8PCS Eco Friendly German Knife Set


Almost everything that you cook will be cut, chopped or trimmed and having the tools to do the job well is the first step to produce a delicious meal. Most chefs choose German steel knives for their quality an durability. The key to their quality is the hardened alloy that is used to make the blades. The best products use high-grade carbon steel to make the metal as hard as possible. The handles are made with biodegradable wood that is eco-friendly.

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-The blade is forged from one solid piece of steel, tempered to optimum 58C Rockwell, for durability

-The German Steel formula: X50CrMoV15- a special alloy for superb knifes

-The blade spine is carefully grounds and polished.

-Handle Ergonomically design handle to fit your hand.

-The edge is skillfully honed twice for razor sharpness.

-High stain resistance

-Easily restorable edge