Dish Rack

Dish Rack


Arshia Dish Rack is the best option for any household kitchen. It accommodates dishes,
removable glassware rack, and tray for the drainage system. It is designed with durability and
functionality at the same time fitting the style of every kitchen. Arshia Dish Rack is known for its flexibility- to
handle enough large items and even party dishes. With Arshia Dish Rack stack and dry your dishes perfectly.

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Technical Specification

–Made from heavy-duty aluminum that is rust-resistant

Removable two tray

– Side mounting cutlery holder and glass holder

–Two-level to provide ample space for drying the dishes

Additional information

Weight 10.90 kg
Dimensions 52 × 49 × 38.5 cm
Number pieces in box


Weight per piece

2.72 Kg