8PCS Granite Cookware Set

8PCS Granite Cookware Set


Granite Cookware is possibly the most versatile type of cookware. It can be used on all stoves, gas burners, electric coils, and ovens. Due to their beauty and ability to retain heat, they are also used effectively as serving dishes. They are very easy to maintain with a naturally nonstick surface and are the least reactive cookware making it safest type to use. If you want to add a touch of beauty to your kitchen, you’ve found these Granite sets to choose from.

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Technical Specification

–Granite coating with mineral particles for effortless release of food

–Produced from advanced technology 6 layers of coating reinforced with mineral particles

–Durable and heat-resistant Bakelite handle

–Excellent thermal conductivity

–Energy-efficient, innovative body design for superb heat retention

and distribution

–With unique Steam Control Knobs

–Dishwasher safe

Additional information

Weight 11.60 kg
Dimensions 52.6 × 34.6 × 42.5 cm
Number pieces in box


weight per set

11.60 kg


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