By: Nicole Liza

No man is an island, same as through with man living without water. This issue intersects our everyday lives. Personal health, social consumption and most especially climate change. For us to completely understand, we tend to overlook and do extensive research without the need of doing something about it.  The thing is, start small from yourself with these III practical habits:


  1. TURN OF THE SINK WHILE BRUSHING TEETH – Sounds an easy task and pushing this habit will contribute 700 gallons of clean water/ year. This also applies in shaving.
  2. SCHEDULE HOUSEHOLD CHORES- Laundry and dishes are allowed to be piled up with good purpose. Doing it full loads is equal to 35% less water.
  3. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE- Buying stuff left and right without being mindful about the purpose and need of it leads to extra waste system. Keep trash less out of landfill by using the classic universal mantra of recycling and good environmental habits, like turning the lights out.

These pratical habits might be old but it never goes out of style. If you are already making the moves, keep up the good work.