Healthy Snacking!

By: Nicole Liza

Healthy, nutritious snacks with no additional additives!

Dried Fruit is gaining more popularity as one of the healthiest snacks, it’s nutritious with prolonged shelf life. You will greatly benefit from the minerals in the dried fruits: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, sodium.

Make yourself your homemade dried fruits, it will be more healthy as  they will be absolutely fresh and natural.

It’s easy, select fruits that you need and cut them to average bite-size, wash and place them in Arshia Fruit Dehydrator.

Arshia Fruit Dehydrator


Arshia Fruit  Dehydratator dries variety of foods, fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, herbs and many more healthy snacks.

The Electrical heating coils produces convection airflow on the food.

Makes healthy, nutritious snacks with no additional additives while preserving the taste and flavor of your food.



Technical Specification:

– Powerful 250 watts

– 5 drawer trays for convenience

– Dehydrates variety of foods, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc as healthy snacks

– Great for beef jerky, dried fruits and herbs

– Electrical heating coils produces an even convection air flow for the dried food

– Makes healthy, nutritious snacks with no additional additives