Great Quality of Knives - Why is Arshia cutlery a significant breakthrough?

The ability of Arshia knives to retain a sharp edge up to ten times longer (hence the “10X”) than any other brands addresses one of the chief frustrations of the knife user — the need to frequently interrupt the cutting process to re-sharpen a dull knife. Another significant achievement is that Arshia knives are two- to three-times sharper (at time of sale) than competitive Solingen and domestic brands. A sharper knife is a safer knife and is certainly more effective and more pleasurable to use. Arshia believes that these technological improvements represent the most important advancements in quality kitchen knives.

I've never seen a knife that can cut tomatoes so thin! - What makes the tomato slicer different?

Unlike other types of cutlery, our carefully designed blade is both hollow ground plus serrated on both sides. The results allow you to be incredibly accurate with a remarkably sharp knife whether you are right or left-handed. All of this leads to amazing results!

Washing Arshia Knives - Are the knives dishwasher safe?

It is best to hand wash and dry Knives. It is mandated phosphate-free detergents as well as the newer dishwashers designed to wash in higher temperatures with less water can prove much harsher on your handle finish and damaging to your sharpened edge. Because of this we strongly urge you to hand wash and dry all of your Arshia Knives.

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