Be a Woman With Perfect Hair

By: Nicole Liza

Find out what it takes to maintain healthy and luxurious hair- Arshia to be included in women’s sassy routine! 


Be a woman with curly hair, straight hair, thick and fine, short and long but gone dull and damaged from the use of dyes and chemicals, you can start all over again to get healthier hair. Though a religious handling of the crowning glory is a habit we can’t completely control, it doesn’t mean we should be lazy and rely on our favorite hairstylist. Practice makes perfect- aim for a glorious and great hair and find out how Arshia can be part of the healthy practice! 



Shampoo Sparingly- Shampoos and conditioners that doesn’t contain sulfate are good for hair and environment. Wash sparingly every other day to avoid hair from drying out and restore its balance. It is better to use cold water to close the hair shaft and lessen the chances of split ends and frizz.  


Handle Hair Gently – Treat hair like the best silk dress- avoid wrapping, wringing and balling it up after washing. Hair is very fragile and doing this habit will basically destroy the shape and shaft. Gently use a patting motion with a dry towel and go easy with a wide-tooth comb to avoid knots and or natural fiber brushes.  


Consume Nutritious Foods- A healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will give you gorgeous hair. An intake of organic foods such as vegetables do contain Vitamin B; salmon, walnuts are sources of Omega-3 are good for hair to stay shiny and healthy. Foods that are rich in calcium diminish the chances of hair breakage.   


Visit Salon Only at Regular Intervals – Treat hair with color when it is only necessary, when there is need to cover grays and or to add subtle highlights. Trim hair religiously- every three months or every six weeks to get rid of split ends instead of chopping them off.  


Use Heat Styling Devices Sparingly – Though it takes time, hair is healthier when dried naturally. Religious application of heat when drying will lead to hair damage most especially if we or our stylists are not aware of material advances. 

Arshia Air Dryer would be a high-grade choice due to its Ionic generator technology reducing static electricity, thus separates from ordinary hair dryers. It is designed for professional styling as of tabletop hair dryer or hand-held hair dryer. Runs through 3 temperature setting and two speed setting with a cool shot to set style leaving your hair shiny, tamed and less frizzy.