6 Must Haves Kitchen Gadget

By: nic0leliza 

Some claims kitchen is meant for dancing, this fact is mostly backed up by their easiness in preparation techniques. Other than food preparation, we have other priorities as well to catch up- helping out with kids’ homework, check-listing tv series to finish, or just simply curling up on the couch, so we like to have gadgets for props.

Designed from basic and pro chef’s experience, Arshia rounded and designed its own must have gadgets composed of Garlic Press, Pizza Cutter, Grater, Peeler, Can Opener, and a Sieve.


It’s easy to invest kitchen gadgets that you don’t really need, but here are a few that you can’t do without.


During our testing, we have compared the taste of garlic using half of it as minced with chef’s knife and half as garlic pressed. Garlic Topped pasta tasted even better with finely pressed garlic. Arshia Garlic press is made with 30 large holes just enough for any sort of dish.


Pizza Cutter for Pizza and more of like sandwiches, lettuce, sorts of meat for salad, quesadillas, brownies, pie dough and homemade pasta.


Safe cut can opener that leaves smooth edges after the can has been opened. No more lid dropping and food contamination after blades have completed circulated at the top.



Needed for chocolate shavings, zesting fruits, and to peel fruits and vegetables. A peeler is always multi- functional than you know.


Basically used for cheese, a grater is also used to prepare your aromatics, zest for your lemon water, potatoes for hash browns, spices like cinnamon on top of your cappuccino.


Used to strain liquids away from other ingredients but also to occasionally sift fine ingredients away from larger ingredients. Made of stainless steel mesh keeping tiny particles from being released. Designed with hook which allows the sieve to rest on top of pots or bowls while the contents are being drained. A Strainer is also referred to as a “Sieve.”

There’s more to life, use your creativity to have fun while learning clever ways with Arshia.

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