By: Nicole Liza

1. BE ORGANIZED – Don’t miss the chance of sharing your sentiments about the latest job promotion you’ve had, discuss Snapchat stories, or by simply noticing your best friend’s haircut. The whole point of hosting is to enjoy the present moment with your guests, prepare everything you need before they arrive.


2. COOL ATMOSPHERE- Romanticizing the set up may sound over planned but this is best way to chill with your ‘homies’. Candles for indirect lighting won’t let you down. Hook up your fancy speakers and playing a background music such as Best of Gramatik.


3. TABLE PRESENTATION- How may guests are you expecting, will the seats be enough? We can’t do so much with the given space but arranging beforehand is a welcome. Changing table runners and chair cushions are also good ideas to take note.


4. PLATING – Incorporate modern dining with subtle food arrangements. If you prefer individual plating, make sure it’s more enjoyable to dig in over a fancy visual presentation.


5. SPOTLIGHT – A host is also a storyteller, friends won’t pass on the dishes you have learned from your mom/ grandmother. The conversation will be collectively interesting as much as the most subscribed cooking channel at Youtube (act accordingly).